About Me

Hello! I’m Laura Kate and A Kaleidoscope Heart is my blog. I majored in Creative Writing in college, moved to Australia and have always thought that a blog would be a great way to combine my love of travel with writing. I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon, Orange, California, Los Angeles, and now Brisbane, Australia. I’m looking forward to sharing with my readers what makes Brisbane special, along with the other cities in Australia I’ve travelled to! Hopefully as I continue to travel this blog will continue to grow, and we can explore the world together! Helping others follow their dreams of traveling would make all the effort that goes into this blog worth it, as I know first hand it’s challenging to drop everything and leave the country! I hope what you find here is an honest collection of my experiences – the good, the bad, the boring and the exciting!

As this is not just a travel blog, I’d love to give my input, as well as hear yours, about current TV, music, movies, and trends. When it comes to beauty and fashion, I love things like bubble baths, glitter and feminine dresses. My creativity manifests itself in all kinds of ways – whether that’s an outfit, a makeup look, a short story, a self-selected playlist or my tattoos! That’s why what you will find here is a bit of a kaleidoscope of things, if you will. After all, I owe my blog title to the fabulous miss Sara Barellies who said it best when she wrote,

I have hope that inside is not a heart, but a kaleidoscope. 



Laura Kate