A Guide To Canberra, ACT, Australia

Canberra, the capital city of Australia is often overlooked. In fact, even most Australians that I tell I have been to Canberra will look at me funny. “But there’s nothing there…” I often hear. I get it – the city doesn’t have the allure of Sydney or Melbourne, or even the beachside benefits of a smallerRead more

April Recap in Instagram Photos

April sure did fly by! Between Easter, my best friend in Australia buying a house, ANZAC day and a few beach trips, I definitely stayed busy! Here is a recap of my Instagram posts for the month, I’ve seen other bloggers doing this and I like the idea of reflecting on the past month byRead more

What Spending a Year Abroad As An Au Pair Is Really Like.

Buckle up, because this is going to be a long one! I feel like one of the most unique things I can bring to this blog is my experience as an au pair. I have lived in Australia for 10 months today, meaning I now have exactly 60 days left in this country. Here areRead more

Sunday Sightseeing in Brisbane CBD!

Now that I only have two months left here in Australia, I have committed to spending my days off making sure I am exploring and doing as much as possible! I have these great walking tour cards from a brand called Go Explore that I found at a random souvenir shop several months ago. I’veRead more

Six Australian Terms I Learned Living Abroad

G’day! Welcome to A Kaleidoscope Heart, my new life/style/travel blog. I’ll spare us any longwinded introductions and simply say – I’m glad you’re here! Whether you’re interested in Australia, personal style, music or meditation – I’ll be touching base on it all! After all, life is a bit of a kaleidoscope of different experiences andRead more