October Favorites!

This time last year, I was in Sydney! I know I went on in my last post about how time moves so fast, but I still can’t believe October 2017 is almost over! I have had a serious case of FOMO this month, since everyone back home seems to be enjoying pumpkin patches, PSLs and getting festive… and I’m over here in Australia, a country that has barely begun to embrace Halloween, with no harvest festivals to be found. There may be 5,000 things I live about Australia, but Queensland’s lack of an autumn is not one of them. Still, despite not getting too into the spooky spirit this year… I do still have some favorites of the month that I’d love to share with you all!

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1. Lush-o-ween products!

It’s no secret that I love Lush and it’s hard to say whether Halloween or Christmas is my favorite Lush season. My favorite Halloween-specific Lush products this year? Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, pink pumpkin bubble bar (soooooo fragrant and sweet smelling!) and the Bewitched kitty bathbomb! You can actually get all three of those wrapped in an adorable black cat bandana with This Bewitched Wrapped Gift. I also tried my first jelly bomb, which was a little underwhelming (I thought the jelly center would be more obvious) but the design on Ectoplasm is super cute and it smelled delicious. Citrus is probably one of my top favorite Lush scents.
2. The Good Place

How did I miss this show being on TV? Okay, well, probably because it isn’t on in Australia. Still! I discovered this Kristen Bell comedy on Netflix a few weeks ago and got hooked. She plays Eleanor, a woman who goes to spend her afterlife in ‘The Good Place’ even though she is very aware someone has made a mistake and she isn’t meant to be there. It is lighthearted and easy to watch and laugh at, I’ve been ending most of my evenings with it. Does anyone else watch it?
3. The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster Blake
The Wrong Girl is classic chick-lit by an Australian author. It’s also a TV series here in Oz! I bought the book for my flight to New Zealand (a trip I talked about in my most recent travel blog post) and found it to be a really fast, enjoyable read. I also finally finished Big Little Lies in the past month! Definitely recommend them both, Big Little Lies for those who enjoy more intensity/drama and The Wrong Girl for those who like something more comedic or romantic.
4. Audible
Speaking of books! The only time I really get a chance to read is in transit (like on the plane to New Zealand) or in the bath, but reinstating my audible subscription this month has made my mornings and evenings great for ‘reading’ via listening as well! I’ve been listening to The Miracle Morning, trying to get inspired to be more productive with my time! I wake up really early, so I’ve been listening to it and formulating how to spend my ‘Miracle Morning’ hours between 5-7am before I head downstairs to spend my day with kids and chaos. It’s been very practical and inspiring so far and I’ve been getting a lot more done! Plus who doesn’t love to listen to a story in bed?
5. Baking!

For the past several months, I’ve been super into baking pies. I love Waitress the Musical, so I’ve been mostly cooking out of Sugar, Butter, Flour: The Waitress Pie Book. Some recipes have been hits, a few others haven’t been as great, but it has been my perfect secret weapon for battling stress or homesick days here in Australia. My favorite has been the ‘I Can’t Have an Affair Because It’s Wrong (and I Don’t Want Earl to Kill Me) Marbled Chocolate-Cheesecake Pie’. Long ridiculous name, delicious cheesecake.

I hope everyone has had a great month! Are you dressing up for Halloween? What have been your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments!

Laura Kate

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