April Recap in Instagram Photos

April sure did fly by! Between Easter, my best friend in Australia buying a house, ANZAC day and a few beach trips, I definitely stayed busy! Here is a recap of my Instagram posts for the month, I’ve seen other bloggers doing this and I like the idea of reflecting on the past month by elaborating on some of the photos I’ve posted! If you don’t follow me already, you can find me on Instagram here.

Ugh, just looking at this one makes me want a doughnut even if it’s 9:15pm and I’ve had dinner and dessert! While I may hail from Portland, land of places like Bluestar and VooDoo donuts, Doughnut Time has a special place in my heart. Some of the best and prettiest sweet treats in Australia, they are always creating new seasonal doughnuts that are the perfect excuse to go back for more. This was the Easter doughnut I picked from four options… gah!

I captioned this photo on Instagram, ‘Little town, it’s a quiet village’ because I’d just gotten out of seeing Beauty and The Beast for the second time in theatres. How good was that movie? I could probably go and see it again. Anyways, this is the lovely view from a random hill in Brisbane outside the theatre. The sky is amazing here.

I couldn’t resist photographing this cute little nook at a cafe in Ipswich called “116 Laneway”. It is indeed a laneway cafe in Ipswich (if you knew anything about Ipswich, this would be amusing. It’s a bit of a country town and laneways are known for being trendy and hip.) and the barista made me a delicious, giant white mocha. Usually in Australia I have to settle for a flat white or a plain mocha, so it was nice to be able to get my favorite drink. They also have some amazing “freakshakes” on the menu, a food trend here in Oz that is part milkshake and part insane dessert. I’ll have to try one someday if I ever make it back.   Ahh, one of my favorite horse friends in Woolgoolga. You can read about my trip down to Woolgoolga for Easter here on the blog. Mabel and I spent so much time feeding this girl apples.

This coffee came with a vial of chocolate for pouring into my mocha! How amazing is that? I stumbled on this cafe completely by chance in the city one day. I was checking out a dessert place I’d seen in a Facebook article, wasn’t so impressed, but then noticed the cafe from the outside. It fit all my requirements for a perfect Australian cafe – calm atmosphere, great coffee and of course it helps that the cafe is so gorgeous to photograph! It’s called The Coffee Manscho and Co and they pride themselves in their ethically sourced coffee and chocolate. Win win!

Ah sweet Sally! I’ve been spending nearly all my free time with my good friend Sally lately and often her little girl Georgia as well. Here they are on the porch with some coffees… I love capturing little candid daily moments. 

I finally went to Surfer’s Paradise last month! We went for the day, and then came back Sunday night again! The view from the Q1 tower was pretty spectacular… I’m glad Sally recommended it!

Sally’s girls and I with one of the decorated koalas on the Gold Coast. This one was wonder woman, we saw another that was cat woman! They are created in collaboration with local artists and a wildlife sanctuary locally… and they make a great photo opp! As you can see, Scarlett has some koala friends of her own.

And finally, a sappy little quote I posted a few weeks ago to tie up this post. It has been really overwhelming that my time in Australia is winding down, but focusing on those I love and all that awaits me when I get home has made a huge difference in the past month or so. I cannot wait to see where this month takes me as my time in Australia comes to a close! Trying to absolutely make the best of it that I can.

What did you do last month? Are you looking forward to anything in May? Let me know!

xoxo, Laura Kate

5 thoughts on “April Recap in Instagram Photos

  1. What a cute idea. Beauty & the Beast is all about the feels for me. I was obsessed as a second grader and watched it nonstop. This time around, I’ve seen it three times already and want to go back again. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad someone else can admit to seeing it more than once in theaters! The first time I went with friends but the second I was definitely just by myself. I cant wait for it to be on Netflix!

  2. I love this! Such a great idea to share the story behind your photos. Also, you make me want to visit Australia and eat/drink my way through the country LOL definitely inspired!!

    1. Eating/drinking my way through the country is defo my favorite part! The desserts here are just sooooo goooooood. 😛 Oh and the coffee. Hahaha. Visit!

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