10 Favorite Lush Products This Season!

If you know me at all, or if you follow me on Instagram, you know I loooooove a bath bomb. My favorite way to spend my days off is in the bath and I look forward to it every week! I’d probably take a bath every night if I had one in my bathroom downstairs but alas, I share with Violet and Mabel. My bath bomb obsession started with Lush and I loved their bath products so much that I eventually branched out into shower, hair AND skincare products! Seriously my bathroom is stocked full of Lush, I’m obsessed. Every product in this list I have personally used (and loved) so I figured I may as well share with anyone who may be intimidated by all the giant piles of fresh-smelling goodness that you find when walking into the store! After all, though I love the brand, there are sometimes some misses or products that I just don’t like as much.

Here’s my top ten from their current Spring line, some of the products are consistently available throughout the year and some of them are seasonal/just available this year:

  1. Lava Lamp, bath bomb.

I love this one for the little pockets of cocoa butter that float in the water and make your bath look like a lava lamp. None of their other bath bombs do this, it’s so fun!

2. Pink Flamingo, bubble bar.

So cute, makes a great gift and it lasted me several baths – at least three or four which is impressive considering most of their stuff is single use.

3. Bunch of Carrots, bubble bar.

Another reusable one, plus there’s three of them! I got these for Sarah for easter last year, I love how long they lasted. Plus they’re so pretty!

4.Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment, bath oil/melt.

I bought this on a whim, mostly because it’s really cheap ($3.50). After I used it the first time, Violet came home and into the bathroom hours later and said, “Laura, what is that beautiful smell?!” and thus began her Lush obsession. I need to buy this one by the truckload because it can be hard to find in stores and it seriously smells divine.

5.Refresher, shower jelly.

Speaking of Violet, she actually picked this one out! She bought it for her aunt, and then I bought one for her for her half birthday… it smells deliciously citrusy and suds up just like soap.

6.Beautiful , body wash.

Another pick for auntie Nik’s birthday, this is the only body wash scent I like from Lush at the moment. Others are a bit too clean or perfume-y for me. I stocked up on Bubbly, my all time favorite scent at Christmas time… but this one is really nice too.

7.Eau Roma Water, toner.

A staple in my skincare routine, I use it to help remove makeup, give my face a refresh midday when I’m feeling sweaty, or to wake me up in the morning. It’s so simple, and so good.

8. New, solid shampoo bar.

I was skeptical about how Lush shampoo bars would work as far as lather and actually cleaning my hair, but I adore this one. It does smell very strongly of cinnamon so if you don’t like cinnamon, it isn’t the product for you. It is GREAT at cleaning my hair through, which is thick and damaged. I had a hard time getting my hair clean when I lived in California and the water quality wasn’t great, and this product was my savior.

9. Intergalactic, bath bomb.

If you have never tried Lush before, or never used a bath bomb before – this is the one I’d suggest for you. It’s beautiful, creates a colorful bath and smells like peppermint. Yum!

10. Baa Bar, bubble bar.

Okay, I’ll admit I haven’t actually tried this one YET, but I’ll pick it up this week. It’s just so cute and sounds like it smells really relaxing.

Do you have a favorite Lush product, or somewhere else you like to pick up things like bath bombs and bubbles? Let me know in the comments, I would love to try some of your favorites!!

xoxo, Laura