Books I’m Reading This Month!

Every week I take the little girls I nanny to the library, and it has been a great motivator for my own reading! I remember during my last year of college I desperately wanted to read something, anything for pleasure. It gets old reading for school when you’re a writing major! I did not get to do a lot of my own reading in college, but I think I’ve made up for it this year! So far I’ve finished…

And I’m in the middle of a few others! I’m not the type that reads one book at a time, unless I get super into it. (I devoured Two by Two!)

Here’s what I picked up this week at the library:

Commonwealth – Ann Patchett

I have heard of Ann Patchett and honestly probably potentially met her through my mom’s work, Literary Arts. This book comes heavily recommended through both it’s position on the New York Times best-seller list and how many time I’ve seen it in magazines I’ve browsed lately! I love stories about familial relationships and dynamics, it’s something I like to write about and really enjoy reading about as well. Everything I read about Commonwealth recommended it for the way Patchett approaches exactly that subject, and I’m really enjoying it so far!

Nobody’s Fool – Richard Russo

Another author recognized through Literary Arts, although I am confident I haven’t met this one. I really enjoyed That Old Cape Magic after spontaneously picking it up at the library a few months ago when I recognized the author’s name. I have hopes that this will be a good one too, though it’s an older novel. Richard Russo writes and portrays his characters in a way I really like, and the book is praised for being funny and clever. It was also made into a movie back in the 90s. Usually I admittedly go for books about women, and younger women at that, but despite that the main characters of both books I’ve read by this author so far are divorced middle aged men… there is something about them that gets me hooked anyway!

Carol (or) The Price of Salt – Patricia Highsmith.

I love reading books that have been turned into movies. I saw Carol last awards season by myself while I was living in southern California. As a gay woman, I think it’s an important story especially for it’s historical value as it was written in 1952 when being a gay woman was far different than it is today. I love that this book was is not only set in the fifties, but it was actually written then, which isn’t something I realized since the movie only came out last year. Plus, I am a huge fan of romance and it’s rare that I get to read about a non-heterosexual couple. I do enjoy my Nicholas Sparks chick-lit, but I’m admittedly pretty excited to get into this one. Even if I know how it ends.

The Princess Diarist Carrie Fisher

Oh Carrie Fisher, gone much too young! She sure was a crazy woman, with a crazy life, and I love how she writes about it. I finished Wishful Drinking in just a couple hours (it’s quite short) and I started this book last night and am already sixty pages in. A lot of it is about her affair with Harrison Ford, which I’m not that invested in, but I can’t help but love the way this woman approaches dissecting her own life. She has such a funny, positive perspective despite living one of the craziest lives I can imagine. Last night after reading I watched the HBO special Bright Lights about her and her mom, Debbie Reynolds. It was really sweet. Did you know Debbie Reynolds owned the red ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz, and Dorthy’s dress? I’m jealous. But anyways, I digress…

I also checked out two weeks ago from the library (and am still working on): Me and Mrs. Kennedy by Clint Hill, a book written about Jackie Kennedy from the prospective of her secret service agent. I have only recently become enamored by Jackie Kennedy, so when I saw this on the shelf I knew I’d enjoy it. I can’t help it, it’s in my American blood. And finally, The Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking. A motivational/inspirational book about the Danish concept of “Hygge”, it’s reminding me to slow down and enjoy quiet moments… something I need once in a while!

Has anyone read any of the books I’m starting? Are you reading something right now you’re enjoying? Let me know in the comments, I love recommendations of any kind.

xoxo,Laura Kate


6 thoughts on “Books I’m Reading This Month!

  1. I have never read any of these books before. I do have “Scrappy Little Nobody” and “Talking as Fast as I Can” though and hopefully I’ll read them soon!

    1. Talking As Fast As I Can was a quick read and fun, too! Scrappy Little Nobody is probably one of my favorite celebrity memoirs I think though!

    1. Scrappy Little Nobody is honestly so good! Mindy Kahling also has really funny memoirs.

  2. These look great! I’ve added them to my reading list. I recently read Anna Kendrick’s book and LOVED it! She is so funny and down to earth.

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