Sunday Sightseeing in Brisbane CBD!

Now that I only have two months left here in Australia, I have committed to spending my days off making sure I am exploring and doing as much as possible! I have these great walking tour cards from a brand called Go Explore that I found at a random souvenir shop several months ago. I’ve only done two or three since buying them, but I’m determined to get through them before I leave, which gave me the idea to do a weekly “walk” and recap it here incase anyone is planning on visiting Brisbane anytime soon!

Central Station

My themed walk this week was called “Magical Historical Brisbane”. Starting with Central Station, the old (but still functional) railway station that starts and stops in downtown Brisbane. It’s a pretty building and the first of at least two clocktowers you see on this walk! It’s also right across the street from the second sight to see, which is

Anzac Square

Anzac Square features a beautiful, round memorial including an eternal flame at the center, and massive roman pillars. It commemorates Australian and New Zelander soldiers that fought and died in the first two world wars. Beyond the large memorial is a beautiful and quiet park with several more statues in remembrance. Though I’ve passed Anzac Square before it’s not usually how I walk through the city, so this part of the walk took me past things I hadn’t seen before!

General Post Office

This was a building I hadn’t seen before. It was easy to see how it made the “historical Brisbane” tour, as it opened in 1872 and doesn’t quite blend in to all of the tall, modern buildings that surround it in downtown Brisbane. It still houses the Australian Post, along with a few other small shops.

MacArthur Central

The next stop was MacArthur Central, which led me back to a part of Brisbane I recognized. MacArthur Central, while named after a WW2 general, is now not so special… hence no photo. Walking this way does lead you back around to the shopping hub of the city though, where I picked up a Starbucks iced coffee because like I said in a post yesterday, it’s the only Starbucks in Brisbane!

King George Square

King George Square is where I’d normally get off the bus in the city – it’s a hub that leads right onto Queen Street Mall. Sometimes you can find food carts or festivals set up here, too! The clocktower is famous and you can take tour up to the top of it for free at the Museum of Brisbane! While I was here a giant group of people walked by protesting against Greyhound Racing! Never a dull moment…

Shingle Inn

So, I departed from the card’s suggestions for this one, but only because Room with Roses was closed on Sunday. Room with Roses was inside the Brisbane Arcade though, which is a beautiful older arcade along Queen Street Mall, where most of the shopping is located in the city. It looked a bit dated, but I definitely would have tried it for morning tea if it’d been open. One of my favorite things about my walking cards is when they recommend places to eat. 😛

Shingle Inn, on the other hand, boasts itself as “Brisbane’s Oldest Cafe” and is located inside City Hall. It’s a chain of cafes as well, so I’d been before to ones in shopping centers before but this one definitely had an original and antique feel. Shingle Inn is known for its lemon tarts, which I had on my first day in Brisbane with Jacqui and her sister Niki. They’re delicious and if you happen to be at a location with one – get a couple! The City Hall location didn’t have them, so I ordered a flat white and a gluten-free hot cross bun. Hot cross buns are everywhere here since it’s almost Easter!

Museum of Brisbane 

I honestly can’t believe it took me 9 months to visit the Museum of Brisbane! This month was a great time to visit though, as their featured exhibit was awesome. It’s called 100% Brisbane, and it was a Humans of New York style exploration of Brisbane and the people who live there. They had video interviews with 100 people talking, asking questions and statistics all about them. You can also sit down and answer questions about yourself and see how alike you are to the 100 selected people, and those who have visited the museum before you. The Museum is located on the 3rd floor of City Hall (at King George Sqaure) and entry is free!

I loved this little station where you could smell some of Brisbane’s signature “scents”. My favorite is the frangipani – one of the beautiful flowers found everywhere here! There’s some outside my window at home. The museum also features a great deal of local art. I spent about 45 minutes exploring and would have stayed longer and gone up to the clock tower, but it was an hour wait. I’m sure the view is beautiful though!

It is so interesting living in a city for just one year. It becomes like home, but there’s still always so much exploring to do! I had fun seeing the city’s older, more historical buildings and I hope you’ll check back next week to see where my next walk leads! Do you still explore the city you live in?


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