April Wishlist – Spring or Fall!

Welcome to my twist on a typical seasonal fashion favorites post! Since seasons are flipped in Australia, while everyone back home is getting ready for Spring, I’m settling into Autumn! It’s actually quite lovely, as we had a HOT summer. Here I’ve compiled some of my favorite styles of the moment that are versatile enough to fit your wardrobe and mine! Plus isn’t it nice to have a few adaptable pieces? I think so! I know I’m looking forward to the fact that all the clothes I’ve bought for summer here won’t go to waste when I get home in June!

Bucket Bag | Pink and Fuchsia Color-block Earrings |Pointed Color-block Earrings|Studded Pink Sandals| Olive Green Jean Jacket |Pompom Anklet | Pink Ruffled Capri | Ruffled Blue Top | Floral Maxi Dress | Watercolor Print Top | Navy Floral Jumpsuit | Black Floral Blouse 

Of all these pieces, my favorite by far is the navy floral jumpsuit. I tried it on at Valley Girl at my local shopping centre… but it wasn’t in my size and didn’t quite fit. They have my size online and I cannot promise I won’t end up buying it by next week. I love jumpsuits with that v-neck tank style so, so much. The navy floral maxi dress I actually already have – my host mum got it for me for Christmas! It’s super flowy and because its made out of polyester its actually quite warm and I think it would look great paired with the green jacket.

Another favorite is definitely the pink capris. I love the girly bow and ruffle detail… and it would dress up a plain white t-shirt so effortlessly! Those are probably next on my ranking of ‘how bad I need these items’. I’ve also been lusting after that watercolour SheIn top for quite some time.

Trending big time this Spring is color – something I used to be a bit afraid of. I’ve always been big into five colors – pink, white, maroon, tan and black. Sometimes navy would sneak in there but for the most part, that is my wardrobe. However, after seeing all of the rainbow pom-poms everywhere this Summer (American winter!) I am looooving pops of all sorts of color all of the sudden! Jewelry is the perfect way to ease into wearing a bit more color – the earrings I picked would go with my already predominately pink-and-tan outfits perfectly.

I also love the bucket-bag trend. I am super used to carrying my ever-loyal Rebecca Minkoff Everywhere Tote it is admittedly massive and I just don’t always need such a big bar. Annnnd unfortunately I’ve had it well over a year now and I have a feeling the straps are going to go on me any day now… but maybe then I’ll get my bucket bag! 😉

Do you have a favorite trend right now, or go to color? Let me know if you have any of the same favorites as me!
Laura Kate

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