What I Wore – Sunday in the City

Shirt by Ripple Effect, no longer avail. SimilarShorts. Sunnies: SimilarSimilarHeadphones.

Today I wandered around central Brisbane, taking pictures for a future blog and sipping on Starbucks, as Brisbane CBD is the only place I can get my fill of it here! I hadn’t even had breakfast yet by the time I left the house, so I was keen for a coffee and ended up getting a gluten-free Hot Cross Bun as well! When getting dressed for walking around all morning, comfort was key. I love this graphic tee from Ripple Effect, Youtubers’ Shannon and Cammie’s old product line. It’s so comfortable and the fit is perfect – unlike most tshirts that make me feel a bit boxy, or are too form-fitting in women’s sizes. It’s one of the few tshirts I can throw on and not feel like I’m going to look a bit sloppy. I tucked it into my American Eagle festival shorts – the first high-rise shorts I ever owned! I bought them last year before going to Sasquatch, a music festival in the Washington gorge. They’ve ripped even more than they initially were since then, but I still like them for a casual weekend outfit. I used to think high waisted shorts were super unflattering and everyone was crazy for being so obsessed, but now I love how long my legs look in them and how comfortably they sit on my waist.

The sunglasses I actually bought today! Mabel destroyed my last pair of aviators, and I’m forever losing them, so I took advantage of Cotton On having a 2-for-20 sale. One pair was originally 19.99 so… essentially it was buy one get one free. I bought the pair in the picture because I have been wanting sunglasses reminiscent of Holly Golightly’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for ages, and I finally found near perfect ones. The only difference with my pair is that theyre set into a gold rim, but I love gold, so it works for me! I couldn’t find the exact pair on Cotton On’s website, so I linked a black version, as well as an Amazon version of Holly’s glasses. I am a huge Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey Hepburn fan.

Finally, my headphones are essential anytime I venture out by myself, and this fantastic pair came to me as a gift from my mom for Christmas. They’re rose gold (another favorite), have nice padding and block out sound so well that the other night when Mabel was screaming upstairs at 1am, I put them on and fell back asleep peacefully. Plus, they’re gorgeous… which may or may not be why I wanted them in the first place. My girlfriend says they look like glam “don’t fuck with me headphones” and I cannot disagree.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday! I’m headed out with a couple of friends for what Aussie’s call a “Sunday Session” since it’s school holidays and none of us are working tomorrow! 😉


Laura Kate

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    1. Thank you!! They were a bit of an investment, but I know I get good use out of them! 🙂

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