April’s Playlist

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was burning my friends mix CDs of my favorite songs, or songs I thought they’d like. Did anyone else do that? I was obsessed. I love how Spotify now lets me add any song I like to a playlist, I even share collaborative playlists with my sister and girlfriend so that we can “keep in touch” musically while I’m in Australia. While I’ve been here, I’ve found myself cycling through monthly playlists on Spotify. During the month of April for example, any song I like that I listen to, I pull into an April playlist that I keep downloaded to my phone thanks to Spotify premium. (I recently tried to save money and downgrade my Spotify… and immediately regretted it. Ugh! Guess its become a necessary expense.) When I’m on my computer, I sometimes go through playlists from other months – it’s fun to look back and notice what kind of mood I was in that month by my selections. Here’s my mix for April, it’s pretty mellow… with a few upbeat tunes thrown in for when I need to jam out amidst all the slower stuff.

I just loooooove Ed Sheerans new album. Not a single song lags – it’s so good! If you haven’t listened to it yet, definitely start there. If you listen to the playlist, let me know which song is your favorite! And feel free to follow me on Spotify, especially if you make playlists like me! I love listening to other people’s playlists.


Laura Kate