What Spending a Year Abroad As An Au Pair Is Really Like.

Buckle up, because this is going to be a long one! I feel like one of the most unique things I can bring to this blog is my experience as an au pair. I have lived in Australia for 10 months today, meaning I now have exactly 60 days left in this country. Here areRead more

April Wishlist – Spring or Fall!

Welcome to my twist on a typical seasonal fashion favorites post! Since seasons are flipped in Australia, while everyone back home is getting ready for Spring, I’m settling into Autumn! It’s actually quite lovely, as we had a HOT summer. Here I’ve compiled some of my favorite styles of the moment that are versatile enough toRead more

Sunday Sightseeing in Brisbane CBD!

Now that I only have two months left here in Australia, I have committed to spending my days off making sure I am exploring and doing as much as possible! I have these great walking tour cards from a brand called Go Explore that I found at a random souvenir shop several months ago. I’veRead more

What I Wore – Sunday in the City

Shirt by Ripple Effect, no longer avail. Similar. Shorts. Sunnies: SimilarSimilar. Headphones. Today I wandered around central Brisbane, taking pictures for a future blog and sipping on Starbucks, as Brisbane CBD is the only place I can get my fill of it here! I hadn’t even had breakfast yet by the time I left the house, so IRead more

Six Australian Terms I Learned Living Abroad

G’day! Welcome to A Kaleidoscope Heart, my new life/style/travel blog. I’ll spare us any longwinded introductions and simply say – I’m glad you’re here! Whether you’re interested in Australia, personal style, music or meditation – I’ll be touching base on it all! After all, life is a bit of a kaleidoscope of different experiences andRead more