A Guide To Canberra, ACT, Australia

Canberra, the capital city of Australia is often overlooked. In fact, even most Australians that I tell I have been to Canberra will look at me funny. “But there’s nothing there…”Β I often hear. I get it – the city doesn’t have the allure of Sydney or Melbourne, or even the beachside benefits of a smallerRead more

April Recap in Instagram Photos

April sure did fly by! Between Easter, my best friend in Australia buying a house, ANZAC day and a few beach trips, I definitely stayed busy! Here is a recap of my Instagram posts for the month, I’ve seen other bloggers doing this and I like the idea of reflecting on the past month byRead more

May’s Playlist!

How can it already be May? I swear I was just putting together April’s Playlist. This time last year, I was getting to ready to graduate from college! I was working on my senior thesis – 90 pages of fiction! Whew! It’s hard to believe that that is already SO far behind me and I’veRead more

What Spending a Year Abroad As An Au Pair Is Really Like.

Buckle up, because this is going to be a long one! I feel like one of the most unique things I can bring to this blog is my experience as an au pair. I have lived in Australia for 10 months today, meaning I now have exactly 60 days left in this country. Here areRead more

April Wishlist – Spring or Fall!

Welcome to my twist on a typical seasonal fashion favorites post! Since seasons are flipped in Australia, while everyone back home is getting ready for Spring, I’m settling into Autumn! It’s actually quite lovely, as we had a HOTΒ summer. Here I’ve compiled some of my favorite styles of the moment that are versatile enough toRead more